Dawn asks:

CATAGORY: Mechanics QUESTION: we are supposed to build a contraption to hold an egg that is light and will prevent an egg from being broken when put in the contraption and dropped...Do you have any suggestions on successful ways to build this?

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Idea 1

I would recommend something with a large surface area for maximum wind. 
Say you constructed a baslawood frame geodesic covered with tissue paper.
Inside you would have a cradle that the egg fit into.  I would attach a 
network of rubberbands from the corners of the frame to the egg container
located which would be located at the middle of the frame.  If possible 
make connections at the frame joints not by using glue but sections of
surgical tubbing.  Make the whole thing as big as allowed.  The idea is
that a large surface area will provide the most wind resistance slowing
the decent.  The surgical tubing provides give for the bounce and the 
rubberbands support the cradle so the egg does not smash against the
ground when the frame hits.

Idea 2

Surround the cradle from Idea 1 above with inflated baloons.  The baloons 
can be held together by a light netting or sections of large panty hose
that have been sewn together.  The baloons should be bound fairly tightly
together but make sure that the pressure of the baloons is against the
cradle rather than the egg.  The idea is to make a huge ball that will
bounce on impact like the Mars lander did when it set down.

OK those are my ideas. Good luck.

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